Popcorn Buddha pops into Stroudsburg to stay, celebrates grand opening!


Lauren Bruckstein, Staff Writer

Popcorn Buddha has found a popping new location: the Stroudsburg borough.

Owners Mr. Craig Campeotto and his wife, Tanya DeMaria, are excited about the success of their popcorn business and of their new location. Ai??They opened their original site in 2011, and had been searching for the ideal place for quite awhile. Ai??They believe they have found it atAi??480 N 8th St, Stroudsburg. They can be reached atAi??(570) 476-5676.

ai???We believe we found a better location because so many more cars drive by.ai??? said Campeotto. ai???The more likely they are to pop [no pun intended] in.” Ai??They are also excited to be back home. Ai??Both owners are Stroudsburg High School graduates.

After moving away, the couple kept getting drawn back because Campeotto said that they both truly “believes in our community.” The owners believe their business is unique and community-minded; thus, they feel they can positively contribute to Stroudsburg.

On Saturday October 22, the eccentric business celebrated its Grand Opening. Ai??The store was packed with popcorn enthusiasts who were busy sampling many of the 85 unique flavors of popcorn.

Campetto came up with his creative idea for Popcorn Buddha while watching a TV show about popcorn on the Food Network. The owner of the show taught Campeotto how to work the business and how to look at the creative side to popcorn.

ai???Youai??i??ve got to be in it to win it and not just in the business for money.ai??? Campetto said. ai???I enjoy the creative side immensely.ai???

Campeotto lights up when talking about all of the different flavors.

ai???My favorite flavor has to be Philly Cheesesteak,”he said. “It took three months to create. I wanted to see if I could make it because that flavor had never been created before.”
Two years ago, Campeotto’s favorite flavor led Popcorn Buddha to be recognized in the Food Network Magazine. It was one of 30 popcorn venues mentioned.

Below are photos from the Grand Opening, as well as student comments about various popcorn flavors.



The MountaineerAi??newspaper staff comments on Popcorn Buddha flavors

Honey Mustard :
ai???Out of the few I tried, Honey Mustard was the best. It had a basic flavor with a kick of mustard.ai??? – Nylah Safford

Rasberry :
ai???It was better than anticipated.ai??? -Sam Imber

ai???This tastes like a handful of cereal.ai??? -Lucas Wesselius

ai???This was actually one of my favorites. I thought the Raspberry flavor was pretty bomb.ai??? – Lauren Bruckstein

Sour Cream and Chives :
“It’s so AMAZING it feels like I could do 15 flips and jump into it!” – Gabby Buchanan

Cheesecake :
ai???I really enjoyed the cheesecake one because I love cheesecake and it resembles the caramel flavor. It was sweet with an undertone of cheese.ai??? – Shanna-Kay

ai???It has a salty side but it tastes like cheesecake. Itai??i??s great.ai??? – Karon Kox

Buddhaai??i??s Delight :
ai???Buddhaai??i??s delight is by far the best.ai??? – John Valderrama

“This is my favorite flavor because its’s salty but chocolate/peanut buttery. It’s salty but sweet.” – Naomi Hineline

Eternal Flame :
ai???I love hot cheetos, so this popcorn is almost the same but better. I love the heat that comes with every bite. The popcorn doesnai??i??t taste so artificial. I taste more spices.ai???– Saheim Clervoix

ai???The name certainly fits its flavor. Eat only if you like spicy, hot food.ai??? – Sam Imber

ai???Oh gosh my mouth!ai??? -Lucas Wesselius

Dill Pickle :
ai???It tastes exactly like a pickle.ai??? – Sam Imber

“The best one is Dill Pickle and it is Dill-icious” – Tyler Sweppenhiser

Tea Berry :
“TEA-BERRY! TEA-BERRY! It’s so good I said it twice!” – Caeley Hank

Everything Bagel:
ai???This tastes so close to a bagel Iai??i??m a little scared, but itai??i??s very good.ai??? – Lauren Bruckstein

Jalapeno Ranch :
ai???This is by far the best flavor if you have adventurous taste buds. The two flavors balance each other out nicely.ai??? -Mara Batt

Pizza :
ai???It had the same taste as the goldfish pizza flavor.ai??? – Lucas Wesselius

Banana, Banana :
“This is my favorite flavor because it is very sweet. It’s very true when they say ‘it’s so good we have to say it twice.'” – Emily Garbarino

Overall, Our staff would recommend the flavors S’mores and Buddhaai??i??s delight as the their favorites.

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