SHS students join the workforce through Common Delivery and Clerical Services program


Jonathan Valderrama, Staff Writer

The Common Delivery and Clerical Services is SHSai??i??s newly instituted service program that is run by the students themselves. This programs was created by the Special Staff Department, whose members saw this as a way to help the students prepare for competitive jobs in the near future.

ai???We wanted to provide our students with real work experience and help them build on work and socialization skillsai??? said Ms. Janine Balcik, one of the teachers in charge of the the Common Service.

The program launched on October 17, 2016, joining its collaborative sibling programs, Common Grounds, and Common Threads. Students from Ms. Suzanne DiTore and Ms. Lorna Koehlerai??i??s Life Skills class take part in the service, working from periods one through three. Each individual is assigned a hallway where they work as its designated mail person. Work includes delivering copy requests to the copy room and back to the classroom, taking excuse envelopes and papers to the main office, and collecting fundraising money.

ai???I like the mailrun,ai??? said senior Daniel Kane. “I get to move around a lot.”

The process for classroom teachers is quick and easy. Each classroom has a hook along with a two sided red/green card on the interior classroom door window. When something needs to be taken down to the copy room or office, the red card will face outside that way employees know to stop at the door to pick up mail. Otherwise, the green side will face out, telling the person they donai??i??t need to stop for anything and continue to the next classroom.

During their runs, students are usually with teachers such as Ms. Janine Balcik who observes and collects data, making sure they do their work independently and successfully. Balcik is proud of the program. She feels it has made a positive effect both in the studentai??i??s lives as well as the schoolai??i??s environment.

ai???Itai??i??s an excellent programai??? said Balcik, ai???the teachers get to know a lot of the students and with this program the students learn skills for future jobs.”

Below are some quotes from the students and how they feel about their work:

Veronica Williams, Senior-Ai??ai???What I like the best is talking to the teachers on my mail

Brett Foust, Senior-Ai??ai???I like delivering

Daniel Kane, Senior-Ai??ai???I like the mailrun because I get to move around a

Marc Borson, Senior-Ai??ai???I like making

Brian Mazol, Senior- ai???I like going on the mailrun and saying hello to

Xavier Williams, Senior-Ai??ai???I like the mailrun and giving people their

Brent Basnight, Senior-Ai??ai???I like the mailrun because it is fun delivering

Nathaniel Duncan, Senior-Ai??ai???I like putting mail in the

Enjoy the photo gallery of these SHS students performing their jobs!