Dungeons & Dragons resurfaces at SHS

Dungeons & Dragons resurfaces at SHS

Lauren Perez, Staff Writer

Dragonborns, elves, and 20 sided die, oh my. Dungeons & Dragons has been a craze for the ai???nerdsai??? for many years. Nothing like hiding from your family in a dark basement with a few friends, and some die.

Even though the stereotype seems to be so vivid and believed, itai??i??s not this way all of the time. One group of kids from SHS play at lunch or even over a skype call. Yet, no matter where it is played, it seems to be about ai???the vast array of characters and actors, having characters who act differently from myself, and having so many personalities it creates a sort of realness,” said senior Daniel Murphy. Ai??

Dungeons and dragons known more popularly as D&D is a game of storytelling in which everything changes with a roll of the dice. There are two main roles when it comes to D&D: players can either be a player or a DM , more formally know as a Dungeon Master. There will always be one DM but the number of players can vary from as little as two to how every many friends you have.

Once you have figured out if you are going to be a player or a DM, you need to figure out the next step. If you are a DM, you’d better be prepared to learn a lot about the game including all the rules which you can find in the Dungeon Master Guide. If you are a player, you are going to need a character.

First you need to get a character sheet and the player’s handbook. These two things will get you started on picking the base of your character. It also tells you what weapons, armor, languages, etc., that your character can or can not have. When building your character, you can make it one of two ways.

“My character is just like me,” said senior Nathanial Reinhardt, a three time player of D&D.

The other option, which is preferred by Murphy a six time player and DM, makes the character what you can or will never be. Murphy shows a great example with one of his favorite characters that he has made.

“He is a fun-loving folk hero who lost his memory in the void,” said Murphy. “He fights for the good of all with a blessed sword of light that speaks to him to reassure his path of good.ai???

The best parts of being a player can include not having to deal with the stress of making the whole story and of having the opportunity to be creative when making an interesting character. But, being the DM can definitely have its perks. First, you never want to be on the DMai??i??s ai???badai??? side because they have control over the game. When Murphy was asked if he ever changes things to make the story go a specific way he replied, ai??? more often than I probably should.” This comes mainly from the fear that “some people ai??? fudge” their rolls.”

All in all, D&D had made its way back into popular view, with everyone who plays it being just as interesting as the next guy.Ai??