Wawa is a daily quest for many students

Wawa is a daily quest for many students

Sam Imber, Staff Writer

As busy high school students with hectic schedules, mountains of homework, club meetings, sports practice, part time jobs and endless studying to do, where can we actually catch a break and relax?


Wawa, Inc. was founded in 1803 in New Jersey by its owner George Wood. Later, in 1964, Woodai??i??s grandson Graham Wood opened the first Wawa food market as an outlet of dairy products, a newfound success in their family. Today, Wawa has become the convenience store we all know and love, with built-to-order sandwiches, drinks, coffee, and plenty of grab-and-go snacks! Wawa sells over 60 million hoagies annually, and around 195 million cups of their delicious coffee as well- thatai??i??s enough to fill Shamuai??i??s tank more than 11 times! Around 720 Wawaai??i??s can be found throughout the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, and most are open 24/7.

ai???I go to Wawa on the daily,ai??? said senior Michael Bennett. ai???Their mac and cheese is the GOAT.ai???

But, where did the name ai???Wawaai??? come from? Found on each Wawa logo is a Canadian Goose, which in native american terms is called Wawa. This bird was found in the Delaware Valley nearly 100 years ago. Now, you can find your own Canada Goose, or Wawa, almost anywhere in the Northeastern United States. Being one of the most visited convenient stores in Stroudsburg, the Wawa logo is recognizable to almost anyone in the community. Hardly anyone can resist their fast service and amazing food.

ai???I always thought the bird represented how quickly people just fly in and out of the store. Itai??i??s really convenient,ai??? said freshman Madison Imber. ai???I canai??i??t wait until I can just walk over and grab a snack right after school.ai??? Ai??

For SHS students who have grown up in the area for quite some time, Wawa has been crucial to the Stroudsburg community. Whether members of the Marching Band or Show Choir need a quick snack before rehearsal, or students need to grab a coffee or sandwich before homeroom, Wawa has been there for us through it all.

ai???Stroudsburg wouldnai??i??t be the same without it. It would be a valley of death,ai??? said Bennett. ai???I couldnai??i??t survive Show Choir or Musical without it.ai???

ai???Their quesadillas give me life,ai??? said senior Jessica Jones, who will be attending Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island in the fall. ai???I donai??i??t know what Iai??i??ll do without their food and smoothies. Iai??i??ll definitely miss Wawa once I move to JWU.ai???