Stroudsburg’s brightest minds share their thoughts on gravity


Gabe Mazza, Staff Writer

What is gravity? It doesnai??i??t have a particle like light or matter. It just is. Iai??i??ve gone on a quest around SHS asking students and teachers if they can define gravity. Iai??i??ve also asked people who know what theyai??i??re talking about to clear up any confusion.

Letai??i??s start with the informed answers.

ai???Gravity: A fictitious force, used to explain in simple terms why things seem to fall down towards the center of objects,ai??? said physics teacher Mr. Jim Doney. ai???Gravity (as a force) doesn’t really exist. What we call gravity is nothing more than the motion of objects as they follow the curves and bends of space contorted around all

English teacher Mr. Andrew Kurnas shared his words of wisdom: ai???It comes up in our Sci-Fi Class sometimes. From what I understand, which isn’t much, it is very hard to truly understand. It’s a bend in space-time yes, but we don’t really know much more beyond that. It’s a force that acts upon us, but there is no particle. It’s one of the most clear and consistent forces in our universe, but no one knows how to manipulate it. No one can counter it, or enhance it or harness

Now that we have the educational part out of the way, Ai??you can read something enjoyable.

So SHS, ai???What is Gravity?ai???

ai???Gravity is the force that pulls things together, kinda like said senior Igor Wadolkowski. ai???Thatai??i??s why people who are in love sit closer to each other.” Thank you Igor, this clears so much up. The reason I canai??i??t get a girlfriend is because Iai??i??m so small, my gravitational pull isnai??i??t strong enough.

ai???Gravity pulls things to the ground, except for air. Air is immune to said senior David Bradley. I appreciate the effort, David. This one is my favorite.

ai???What? I donai??i??t said senior Tony Garza. Tony and I are no longer friends.

ai???Gravity is Godai??i??s way of keeping humans out of said senior Carlos Munera. ai???Just kidding, God isnai??i??t Right after conducting this interview, I gave Carlos a long hug.

ai???I like to think that God is bowling with said senior John Valinote, ai???No wait, nevermind, thatai??i??s In Johnai??i??s defense, if we donai??i??t consider their differences, thunder and gravity are exactly the same thing.

As you can see, the future is bright as long as weai??i??re led by these scholars.