Dress code should be fair for all

Sierra Davis

Dear editor,

The Stroudsburg High School dress code successfully teaches its students to tolerate inequality and unfair treatment. Multiple students are outraged by unequal enforcement of the dress code, some students are overlooked by teachers and faculty because they are favorites or do good in class. Ai??These students can wear outrageously out of dress code clothing everyday and never be reprimanded for it.

If the dress code is going to exist, it should be enforced equally. No student should be able to get away with wearing sweatpants because they are an athlete or not wearing a collared shirt because they excel academically. It is unfair that a young lady will get in trouble for a skirt that is a tiny bit short while someone with a very short skirt goes free.

The dress code should exist for everyone not just a few people. Not only that, if a female student can be disciplined for a skirt above the knee, then male students should be reprimanded for shorts above their knees.

All regulations for dress code should be the same across the board and should not just exist for one gender. The dress code should exist to end inappropriate clothing not to cause unnecessary stress for students who are Ai??just trying to receive an education. Students can be kept out of class because they did something as simple as wear black on black. This is labeled as a distraction for other students, but in reality all it does is keep that one student behind in class and cause them unnecessary stress.

The dress code should not be used as an excuse to disrupt anyoneai??i??s education. As I walk down the hallway each day I see multiple dress code violations that go unnoticed by faculty, however if I, a student of Stroudsburg High can see that someone is wearing only a t-shirt, I am absolutely positive every single teacher can too.

In conclusion, Stroudsburg administration should either enforce the dress code properly and equally or create a looser dress code.

Sierra Davis