Administration should be sensitive to females hygiene needs in bathrooms

Lena Morella

Dear Editor,

As a female at Stroudsburg High there is one issue I constantly hear complaints about: garbages in the bathrooms! Since we can all be mature about the subject, periods are a natural occurance that every woman has to go through in her life. Although it’s nothing to be ashamed of, walking from the stall to the one, single, lonely garbage can at the front of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper that makes everyone suspicious isn’t always my favorite way of letting everyone know it’s my time of the month. Having a small garbage can in every stall would be ideal for every girl, leaving us hassle free, less embarrassed, and feeling cleaner without a used feminine product in our hands. The single garbage can that is in each bathroom gets filled up by the end of 6th period, especially in more frequented bathrooms, like the one by the cafeteria.
There are multiple solutions to this problem, not limited to a garbage in every stall, but even sharing one garbage per two stalls, keeping the garbage in the middle of the two. Another solution could be the little metal/plastic boxes that are connected to the wall, for example the ones that are in each stall in the bathroom by the cafeteria. However, in the ones by the cafeteria there are never the paper bags that should be keeping the boxes sanitary and not forcing the janitors to reach into the bins to grab whatever used product was put in there.
In order to keep the female students at Stroudsburg High stress and embarrassment free, putting a garbage can in every stall would be extremely appreciated. Any compromise to the more-than-one-garbage-can-per-bathroom issue would allow us to feel less like we need to hide our feminine issues and more welcomed in our own bathroom.
Lena Morella