Students should not have to wear ID tags

Lacy Strouse

Dear Editor,

ID tags are silly! Students spend half and or the entirety of their school year with the same teachers, ID tags do nothing more than cause a bothersome raucous for students! [and teachers alike] No one is going to be sneaking into the school any time soon and many students are dripping with uncomfortable feelings of dread if they realize they have forgotten a lanyard or a small ID with the same face they’ve had their entire lives.

If anyone remembers, way back in the early grades students weren’t even allowed to wear long necklaces or chains because they were a choking hazard. Someone could, in a fit, bully a student with their necklace– bully as in suffocate by pulling and yanking on the bit around their neck.

Now we’re right back to that, and we can’t even decide to say no!

It makes sense to wear it for the beginning of the year while everyone gets to know everyone. But after that, ID’s are nothing but nuisances. Sure, you may wear one in a work setting but they most certainly won’t charge you to buy another if you forget it at home, or keep you in a quiet room full of others who either did things much worse or nothing at all!

Lacey Strouse