SASD student shares her thoughts on school rules

Joanna Chen, sophomore

I think a good aspect of Stroudsburg School District is that everyone is united. All the clubs and activities help each other out. I believe that this is what helps regulate the school system and keeps it alive and going. Even so, there was still the strike. As a student, I wasnai??i??t happy that there was a strike. First, it got in the way of many school activities and clubs. Not only that, it also mess up teachers and other staff members, especially those people who need to meet a certain deadline. I sincerely hope that the school board and the district will quickly come to a solution so that problems like this will be prevented.

My only problem with the school is the dress code. I’m not saying that the dress code is a bad thing, because there are a large amount of studentsAi??that are really creative on how to wear the dress code. It does bring out the studentai??i??s spirit as a whole, but, as a student, I would prefer to wear clothes of my choice. Mainly because I believe that it can show out the personality of the person that is wearing it. The school does regulate a lot of dress down days, but I donai??i??t think its enough. I believe we should be able to show our own potentials and personality to others every day.

In the past, phones and other electronics were prohibited. But that rule changed over time, because we are now allowed to use them normally and regularly in school. I would say that it’s both a bad and a good thing. It’s bad because many people would get carry away and take out the phone when they’re not supposed to. They are also a distraction to students, because it would get them off topic. It’s good because studentsAi??can communicate with each other more conveniently. It also allows people to be more social with one another. But these are all just my own opinion.Ai??