Donald Trump is just trying to keep America safe

Selena Sepulveda

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the current political race to the presidency. Ai??There is a lot of assumed hate directed at one GOP candidate, Donald Trump. Ai??Donald Trump is accused consistently of being racist. Ai??These accusations arise from Trumpai??i??s imposed ideas of putting Islamic immigrants on hold when entering the country and deporting the current Syrian immigrants that have entered. Ai??These ideas are accused of being racist at all levels, but letai??i??s take a look at the reasons why these ideas have arisen and if they really do warrant the hate. Ai??

We live in a world where we really do live in fear of the truth. There is a small radical group of people who stand by the Quran with hate and want to strike fear and harm to those who live in democracy and freedom. Ai??This growing threat plagues our country with fear, specifically due to recent attacks in Europe and the Middle East. This fear is not unwarranted and the people of this great country want safety.

Donald Trumpai??i??s proposed radical ideas appeal to a large number of Americans because they feel it could protect them. Ai??But this idea of stopping the immigration of this group of people means we cannot differentiate from who is a terrorist and who is not. Despite that, we as a nation should be able to play it safe to protect its citizens, rather than take in people who may possibly be a threat.

Even if it is one in a million and we take in just one terrorist it can mean death and suffering to thousands of U.S. citizens who only want peace and safety. I feel this idea to temporarily stop immigration until we can differentiate between the peaceful people, who dominate the Muslim faith, from the few who want to destroy us is a good temporary solution.

Selena Sepulveda, Senior